On Writing

On Writing

Now, where did that writing flow go?


On Writing

The words rattle around my head
Sometimes poetic, wispy, full of promise
But when I go to write them down
They stick to my fingers like flypaper
And refuse to go on the page
See. Sally. Run.

Where is the lyricism of my youth?
The sometimes gushing flow?
The sometimes courageous act?
The flowering bud promises of Spring?
The words, the words
They don’t come easy

Tom Tiernan 2013

About the poem

This was just one of those days when nothing flowed.

Here’s a sign that you’re getting old: When you think you did something much better years ago but aren’t quite sure.

Question for you

What do you do to get unstuck, to get the flow back on track?


Photo by Tom Tiernan


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