I like Mayonnaise

A photo of onions being grilled entitled "I like Mayonnaise"

Imagine a dollop of mayo on these grilled onions. Now, that’s what I call living


I like Mayonnaise

The way it slides down my throat
You can even eat it on a boat

The way it slides down my shirt
Makes fashion designers want to flirt

Leaving patterns but on the collar?
Oh, mayonnaise makes me want to holler

The way it goes with coke
And asks years later coronary or stroke?

When I’m feeling low
Mayo is the way to go

It’s good for when you hurt
It’s also good on dessert

I like mayonnaise in a drink
Or any way you can think

Tom Tiernan

A little silliness is good

Doing something silly like creating this poem and not feeling the need to write something serious, stay the path or be productive was a freeing experience. It actually helps me to do things like this to think outside the box, look at new angles and simply to have a laugh. Be good to yourself, do something silly right now.

Question for you

When was the last time you did something silly?

Photo by Tom Tiernan




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