I almost got caught up

I almost got caught up

Can you imagine trying to get caught up to cleaning a city? Oh, my


I almost got caught up

I almost got caught up on my dishes the other day but I think I’ve discovered a new kind of bacteria, so they can wait

I almost got caught up on my laundry last week but now, I’m building a pyramid to see how the ancients lived

I almost got caught up on my writing but more words showed up, demanding a place on the page

I almost got caught up on my reading but forgot the stacks behind the stacks

I almost got caught up on Facebook but people won’t stop posting

I almost got caught up on Twitter but fortunately I don’t tweet

I almost got caught up, but then I didn’t

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Tom Tiernan
August 2013


About Infomercials

Did you know that selling things (AKA junk) on infomercials, both the long shows and short blurbs, originated in New Jersey? At least that’s my understanding of it. When I watched television as a kid I would see these ads all the time. One of the last bits of info to be shown was the address to send your money. It always kind of shocked me a bit, because the town displayed was Verona, NJ, just a short ways down the road from where I lived. Verona wasn’t exactly known for being the hub of anything back then. It straddled Bloomfield Avenue, a road we used to get from home to somewhere else. Maybe that’s changed since then.

The hucksters’, err, I mean salesmen’s voices were always so enthusiastic about the thing they were hawking. Over time I noticed a pattern, a formula, a cadence they used for everything they promoted. That cadence has, for some unknown reason, stuck with me all these years. It’s like a song that gets stuck in your head. No matter what you do, you can’t get rid of it. Perhaps I missed my true calling?

Question for you

What’s the closest you ever got to getting caught up? (This is a trick question)


Photo by Tom Tiernan

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