Using My Work


I’d like to be as famous as Elvis and Marilyn someday, but how is that going to happen if you don’t tell the world where you got the quote, photo, idea, inspiration, etc, etc, etc?

Just a couple guidelines

Here’s some guidelines I’d appreciate you following if you’d like to use any of my work, either writing or photography, in something you’re doing. If you have any questions, please send me a message.

For blogs, websites, social media

If you want to quote my work for one of the above, please use an attribution by quoting my name (Tom Tiernan) and providing a link to my website, either to the page you are quoting from or to my homepage.

For books, magazines, etc (digital or print)

Please contact me directly and let me know about the project you’re working on and how you intend to use my work.

Contact me here

You can contact me on this page

All work on this website is the sole property of Tom Tiernan unless otherwise indicated.

Thanks for your consideration

Photo by Tom Tiernan